Morro de Sao Paulo “Idyllic beaches, restless night”

Morro de Sao Paulo es un heavenly place, where nature blends with good energy of its people!!!

It was a time that was not right for personal problems he was experiencing, needed to renew, break the routine, and I thought a trip to a place with good nightlife and beautiful beaches. I tell a friend and instantly we agreed to go to Brazil, more precisely the State of Bahia, since several acquaintances had recommended us to “Safe Port / Arraial d’ Help” the “Salvador Bah & iacute, the / Morro de Sao Paulo”. After looking at pictures and videos we decided on the latter option, Salvador for its history and Morro so idyllic beaches.

After adding another friend started looking for accommodations and airfare, put together a package 4 days in Salvador and 8 en Morro, (on Bay savior I'll talk in another article).

To get to Morro have to cross in boats (catamaran – irons - lanchas) what leave from the marine terminal located opposite the Central Market Salvador and value round 75 real (year 2014). There is also the option air through planes that is the quickest way (25 minutes) but also the most expensive (about four times). We opted to go catamaran, had previously purchased tickets from the website of the company Biotur. The trip takes 2 hours and the truth is not an entirely pleasant walk, many people goes wrong and is common to see broken people or vomiting, the key?… not eat much before, and less buy beer on the boat, I saw several guys who took and soon they were all broken, also it depends on each and sea state. More info on how llegar the Morro de Sao Paulo.


At dockside men and boys with trucks came to take our luggage to the inn (por si no saben en Morro no hay vehículos), there are only a buggy / taxis to take you to more distant beaches or work for some hotels that are away. I recommend accepting the shuttle baggage trolley as the streets are paved with ups and downs, and depending on where it is usually heavy inn journey, just to save a few actual finished loading the bags for a 500 meters and low 40 heat degrees.

Muelle de Morro, where they offer service trolleys

Entrance to Morro

We stayed at the inn Breeze Caitá Perfect location, next to bars, restaurants and meters from Second Beach which is where the move of Morro is.
Finally at the inn, asked the body break, but it was impossible to waste the landscape of white sand and blue sea in front of us, We decided to leave the luggage and lounging on the beach. Instantly approached one Pedro and very kindly offered us beach service (reposeras, parasol, bar service) to which we agreed, the attention they gave us was impeccable, besides the umbrella accommodate you as the sun ran, Pedro friendly'll never failed ice bucket with beers we had ordered, Also each 10 minutes spent with a watering can and if we felt wet heat, something that seemed too, at least for me, but despite denying he insisted, I confess I felt bad because I got the feeling that by an almost slave labor. I enjoyed seeing people outraged (most adult couples) treat you bad if not frequently wet, but nevertheless, dear Peter worked with a smile from ear to ear… An example.

Perfect beach service, impossible not to relax

Walking the beaches

Taking advantage of an afternoon it was cloudy and there was so hot, we went out to walk the beaches from Praia to Fifth Primeira Praia or Praia do Encanto.

La First Beach He is the youngest of all, the sea is calm but with some waves, more family atmosphere and is where you can see people who pull the zip.

First Beach

Next is the Second Beach, It is preferred by young, has several small bars, Beach hostels and restaurants, where they play music and sometimes live bands. Broader than the first beach, the sea is calm, calm and clear water, It is preferred by young, nights offers Holidays in the sand.

Second Beach

Following a trail of wood until the end of the Second Praia appears Third Beach, but much narrower length, of calm and clear waters. Quieter perfect place to rest, It is preferred by couples, families and older people. For more restless can do kayaking to a sandbar located beachfront.

Third Beach

Then follows the Fourth Beach, and further away from the villa and the center, It is better preserved and extensive than previous, away from noise is perfect for lounging, more offers luxurious accommodations without much infrastructure. Ideal for walks or horse-drawn carriages, is also where the famous natural swimming pools full of goldfish are, perfect for snorkeling.

Fourth Beach

As we walked down the Quarta Praia you start seeing private residences, yachts and small boats to reach the Thursday the Beach Glamour Beach. Huge beach remains almost untouched, far from the town center or nose, While we walked a few 6 hours to arrive.(soon we're going to have more detail on each beach).

Encanto Beach Quinta Beach

If looking for a place with nightlife, no doubt I was in the right place. In Morro is a different party every day, no matter if it is crashed or rain, in morro no party like.
Not only beautiful beaches encontras, also known for its nightlife, every day of the week there is a different party throughout the year. Discs, bars, live shows and beach parties guarantee fun overnight

Disco Press

Second Beach Party

Preferred Places

    • Third y Fourth Beach
    • Bar La Toca
    • Gamboa

Hints and Tips

    • Be careful when the tide on Second Beach because it is full of corals and vegetation and is common hurting your feet.
    • Carry some basic medications, fever, headache and stomach eg. In Morro no hospitals, only a dispensary that are not characterized by serve you well. One day I had 40 grade fever did not hear me because it was Sunday, only attend emergencies were his words over coffee.
    • Depending on where it is the inn who booked, it is preferable to use the service truck to carry the suitcases, the roads are paved, earth and wood with ups and downs.
    • Spending an afternoon to walk the beaches to the fifth Praia or Praia do Encanto, stopping us in places we did in 5 hours.
    • Walk to Gamboa: I recommend going by boat and walk back along the sea, will see wonderful sunset postcards.
    • In Morro there are some ATMs, but sometimes are not right, Actual recommend bringing purchased in advance.

Ofertas de Alojamientos en Morro de São Paulo

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  • Avatar
    juan acevedo
    September 12, 2016

    I wonder if they recommend or go to valenza valenca and there TMAR a speedboat, It is better option than the ferries from savior? Serious senior tranche by sea,

    • Avatar
      Viajero Brasil
      October 15, 2016

      Hola Juan, disculpá la demora. We crossed directly from savior (2 hs approx ferry) because we found it simpler, but what I heard, crossing from Valenca have to go first from the terminal Ferri Salvador to the island of Itaparica (unos 40 min aprox.), then a bus or taxi to Valenca and from there a catamaran to Morro (20 min aprox.). Whether it is better or not, I could not tell, but it seems to me a more comfortable cruising straight time.

  • Avatar
    April 24, 2017

    Buenas! Muy buena info! I wanted to know if you have any idea as follows nightlife in October there in Morro,,es,We want to go with some friends and also want night beach,,es,and as it is off season we do not know if there will be a lot of movement,,es. Nos queremos ir con unos amigos y además de playa queremos noche, y como es temporada baja no sabemos si va a haber mucho movimiento.

    • Avatar
      Viajero Brasil
      June 4, 2017

      Hello Jose,,es,I could not tell the truth,,es,We went in January,,es,Sale ..,,sv,Jose,,en,Good,,es,Very good info,,es,I wanted to know if you have any idea as follows the mo ..,,es, la verdad no sabria decirte, nosotros fuimos en Enero. Saludos.

      • Avatar
        July 7, 2017

        En que quincena de enero es mejor ir? tenemos entre 18 and 19 a;os

        • Avatar
          Viajero Brasil
          July 10, 2017

          Hello Julieta,,es,All January this good to go,,es,JULIET,,es,That half of January is better to go,,es,we have between,,es,the,,pt, todo Enero esta bueno para ir.

  • Avatar
    diego,,en,Such good,,es,We are two young,,es,let the Feb. 2,,es,Todadvía not booked accommodation,,es,and we seek the quilombo hostel to recommend or somewhere they say,,es,ahi esta la posta boys,,es,LOL,,es,If we can help it agradería,,es,Diego,,en,Brisa Do Caitá,,en,is opposite the sea at Second Beach I recommend it,,es,hostels I do not know but there,,es,Luck,,es
    July 11, 2017

    Buenas que tal!!!

    Somos dos jovenes de 26 and 27, vamos la 2da de febrero! Todadvía no reservamos hospedaje, y buscamos el quilombo hostel para recomendar o algun lugar que digan ” muchachos ahi esta la posta” jajajaja
    Si nos pueden ayudar se lo agradería!


    • Avatar
      Viajero Brasil
      September 13, 2017

      Hola Diego, perodón por la demora, nosotros fuimos a una Posada “Brisa Do Caitá” queda enfrente al mar en segunda praia te la recomiendo, hostels no conozco pero se que hay. Suerte

  • Avatar
    October 26, 2018

    Hola!!! L wanted to consult date for New Year, I have a friend passage we are from Argentina to 26 years and we traveled the 27/12 al 4/1, still not booked accommodation and do not know where we should book if hostel or inn, the idea is to enjoy the beach but being among young people and close to the nightlife.


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